Well-water safety and water test kits available Thursday

March 26, 2019

If your private drinking water well has been impacted by flood water, your water supply may have been contaminated with pollutants carried in the flood water.

In addition, wells can be contaminated by surface water runoff even if the surrounding area is not flooded.

If you need your private water supply tested, a mobile water testing lab will be at the Nebraska Extension office in Platte County at 2715 13th St. from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. this Thursday, March 28. You must get a water test kit from us before pulling a sample. Call 402-563-4901 with questions.

You can also order water testing kits from the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Service.

Wells at greatest risk of contamination from flood water or surface water runoff include wells located in well pits, dug wells or any wells that do not have a watertight casing, wells that do not have watertight caps, wells that lack a grout seal in the annular space and wells that were submerged with flood water or surface water runoff.

If flood water came close to your well (100 feet or less) but did not reach the well, have your water tested as a precaution.

Until water from your private well is tested and confirmed safe, do not use the water for cooking, drinking, making ice cubes, brushing teeth or bathing. Do not wash or clean dishes, utensils, toys, or other objects in the water.

For additional information on well safety after flooding, go to http://flood.unl.edu. Well water safety is found under the homeowner link.