Fall Meteor Showers

November 6, 2018

During the month of November, we will be treated to 3 separate meteor showers: the Leonids, which happen in late November, and the two showers named after the constellation Taurus—the North Taurids and the South Taurids.

These meteor showers are from the dust of the comet Encke, credited to Johann Franz Encke, an 18th-century German astronomer.

The Taurids are named for the constellation Taurus because that is where they appear to come from in the sky, the point that is called the “radiant.” As can be expected, the radiant point for the Southern Taurids, which last from about September 10 to November 20 and peak during the late evening/early morning hours of November 4-5th and 5-6th, is found in southern Taurus, while the Northern Taurids, which last from about October 20th to December 10th and peak in the wee hours of November 12–13, radiate from the northern part of the constellation.

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