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April 16, 2019

PARIS (AP) — The Vatican’s culture minister has offered words of hope to France following the devastating fire at Notre Dame, saying the cathedral is a “living creature” that has been reborn before and will continue to be the “beating heart” of France. Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi opened a Vatican press conference with a personal reflection on the cathedral. He noted it was a place of encounter for both believers and nonbelievers drawn to its beauty

PARIS (AP) — Nations are expressing solidarity with France after the fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral and offering help for the recovery. Monday’s fire sparked outpourings of grief. Japan and South Korea were among governments saying they would consider supporting efforts to rebuild after the French president said he would seek help from the “greatest talents” in the world.

WASHINGTON (AP) — An edited version of the special counsel’s report on Russian election interference is expected to be released publicly on Thursday. The Justice Department says it’s redacting grand jury testimony, material related to ongoing investigations and other sensitive information from the public version. President Donald Trump continues to criticize the investigation while pointing to no finding of a criminal conspiracy between Russia and Trump associates during the campaign.

NEW YORK (AP) — When the Justice Department releases the special counsel’s report on Russian election interference, parts of the report will be blacked out. Does that mean that everything redacted is top secret? Tom Blanton of the National Security Archive says redactions “are overused.” David Cole of the American Civil Liberties Union says that any government official who ever had a security clearance will say that “the problem of overclassification is rampant.”

DENVER (AP) — Twenty years after the Columbine School shooting, many of the survivors are teaching their own children how to stay safe. Former Columbine student Amy Over is showing her 13-year-old daughter how to prepare for the unexpected. Mother of four Kacey Ruegsegger Johnson prays for her children’s safety as she drops them off at school. But Austin Eubanks says it’s “pretty sad” that instead of working on “eradicating the issue,” ″we’re just going to focus on teaching kids to hide better.”