New Reveal Trend

January 5, 2019

As if giving birth, recovering from said birth, learning how to be a parent and keeping a human alive weren’t enough, now the pressure is on to get cute and creative when asking your family or friends to be godparents to your precious angel.

And the phenomenon is apparently trending, too -- searches for “godparents proposals” are up 152%, according to the Pinterest 100: The top trends for 2019.

It seems the days of simply asking a question and waiting for an answer are over: There are godparent proposal mugs, Christmas tree ornaments, glasses, cards with bracelets and, of course, onesies.

Because probably no one is actually going to say no if your baby is actually there proposing to them in the onesie, right?

It’s an offer they can’t refuse.

Etsy shops are in on the action, too. Puzzles, keepsake boxes, cards and wine bottle labels are all for sale.

Chelsea Smith owns the Etsy shop PapersWithLove. It sells wine bottle labels for many occasions, including godparent proposals. She says she’s seen orders spike recently.

“It is such a meaningful role to play in a child’s life so I think parents want to propose to godparents in a meaningful and memorable way,” Smith told ” Good Morning America.” “Plus, who doesn’t love a bottle of wine to celebrate such a big occasion?”

But mom Kat Callahan thinks the proposals are a bit much.

“In a world of ‘promposals’ and extra everything, it was bound to happen,” she said. “Somebody do my pallbearer-posals for me, okay?”

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