BEIJING (AP) _ China's third largest steel manufacturer will limit production in an effort to assuage mounting public discontent over air pollution, an official newspaper said Monday.

A factory run by Capital Steel Corp. on Beijing's west side is regarded as a major cause of air pollution in the Chinese capital, discharging huge amounts of industrial dust and other harmful materials every day, the China Daily said.

Partly in response to pollution worries, the company decided this year not to increase production at the plant, the newspaper said. The firm, which employs 210,000 workers, produced 8 million tons of steel last year at the factory, 8 percent of China's total.

``We'll shift our attention to the variety, quality and market ability of our products, and intensify efforts to curb pollution,'' the newspaper quoted Bi Qun, president of Capital Steel, as saying.

Bi said there were still no plans to move the plant _ which is about 18 miles west of Tiananmen Square in central Beijing _ out of the capital, the newspaper said.

But he said the company was ready to close a branch factory next to Beijing's new railway station.