David Giuliani: Let’s stop saying ‘fake news’

January 6, 2019

We’ve heard about “fake news” a lot in the last couple years.

What does it mean?

Originally, it referred to absolutely bogus, probably false stories.

But to President Donald Trump, the phrase refers to stories he doesn’t like — typically those he believes reflect poorly on him. The stories that the president castigates nearly always are factual. In other words, not fake.

Unfortunately, others politicians are picking up on Trump’s criticism.

Just the other day, Chasity Wells-Armstrong, the Democratic mayor of Kankakee, accused me of spreading fake news. Yet, she presented no evidence to make her case.

Because politicians hijacked the meaning of fake news, it’s best we ditch the phrase for good.


Some Democratic politicians (though not many) want to eliminate ICE, and some of their Republican counterparts (though not many) call for getting rid of the IRS.

These ideas make no sense. If ICE went away, some other agency would pick up the slack and guard the border. And although we love to complain about taxes, we’d still have to pay them without an IRS. Some other agency would have to handle the job of collecting our money.

Here’s my proposal: Let’s keep ICE and IRS and make them better.

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