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U.S. Soldier Dies While Training in Kabul

May 19, 2003

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) _ A U.S. soldier died at the Kabul Military Training Center after completing a physical training run, an army statement said Monday.

The soldier died Saturday. He collapsed at the end of this run on the compound, where the United States and France are jointly training Afghan recruits to the Afghan National Army, the statement said.

No cause of death was given, nor was the soldier identified.

``The soldier just completed a physical training run when he collapsed. The cause of death has not been determined,″ the statement said.

Meanwhile, U.S. special forces troops seized a weapons cache near their fort in the eastern town of Jalalabad. The cache included nearly 400 mortar rounds and over 70 rockets.

In the north, special forces completed a search of a cave complex and handed over tank rounds and small arms ammunition found there to the Afghan national army.

The caves were located at Maimana, near the northern city of Mazar-e-Sharif. Some 19 cave openings were collapsed in controlled explosions, the military said.

There has been bitter fighting between rival warlords in Maimana and in Mazar-e-Sharif. It wasn’t clear whether the weapons belonged to the warlords, both of whom are affiliated with the government.

About 11,500 coalition forces are in Afghanistan hunting down Taliban rebels, al-Qaida terrorists and their allies.

Also, a U.S. military vehicle struck two Afghan boys in the eastern town of Gardez, killing one and injuring the other. The accident occurred Saturday after the two ran across a street as a three-vehicle convoy was passing, the army statement said. The injured boy was treated and released.

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