GOP trying to suppress voter turnout -- Warren J Gordon

October 3, 2018

A recent letter to the editor endorsed Tony Evers for governor, warning that we must not let our democracy slip away. But I’m afraid it already has.

Studies have shown that the state’s voter ID law has disenfranchised thousands of our fellow citizens. And partisan gerrymandering has been remarkably effective at ensuring that the party that wins the majority of votes statewide will not necessarily control the majority of seats in the state Legislature.

Those who know Evers personally seem to universally praise him as a caring, compassionate person who will restore dignity and integrity to the governor’s office. Those who don’t might think he favors pornography and child molestation, thanks to the relentless attack ads that have blanketed the airwaves since he won the Democratic primary.

While most would agree these attack ads are based on a series of malicious half truths, they’re being run because they work remarkably well. They carry the subliminal message that all politicians are venal and corrupt, so it doesn’t matter who gets elected.

The goal here is clearly to suppress voter turnout, which seems to be the Republicans’ only hope in returning our current governor to office.

Warren J. Gordon, Madison

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