Thelma Rockey: Supervisors, spend our tax money where it’s needed most

January 1, 2019

Editor: I am still trying to get through to our leaders of authority — the county supervisors, especially.

Spending millions of dollars on renovations like the county courthouse, library, and extravagant salaries is an insult to taxpayers. Spend this money on cleaning up your districts, mainly Butler and Birdland. Quit trying to lure unsuspecting newcomers when you are cheating your own local citizens.

By the way, how many of our all-knowing leaders have neighbors like mine? Would you believe one neighbor’s home looks like it threw up all around the front door, the yard and even as far as the street. I’ve lost count of the cars, trucks, vans and junk cars in the yard with a tattered ragged rebel flag on the roof.

Lo-and-behold, Christmas lights across the front of the roof, as if proud of the deplorable display of trash. Help this neighborhood and all others like this and worse.

Make this a good Christmas for your good citizens and clean up this community. Spend our tax money where it is needed.

Thelma Rockey


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