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Simpson Says He Spoke of ‘Lord Jesus Christ’ in Jail

March 6, 1996

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ O.J. Simpson said he didn’t confess to murder or any other sin in jailhouse conversations with his longtime friend Rosie Grier, according to a deposition transcript obtained Tuesday.

Simpson, 48, said he also assumed Men’s Central Jail authorities used electronic listening devices to monitor his discussions with Grier.

``I assumed that they were bugging us,″ Simpson said last week during his 10-day deposition in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by relatives of Ronald Goldman and the estate of Nicole Brown Simpson. Simpson was acquitted of their murders in October.

Transcripts for the eighth and ninth days were obtained by The Associated Press. The final day of the deposition, which dealt with Simpson’s finances, has been sealed by a judge.

The reference to Simpson’s jailhouse conversations with Grier came during questioning by Michael Brewer, who represents Goldman’s mother, Sharon Rufo.

Simpson said Grier did not hold a Roman Catholic-like confessional.

``There was nothing to confess except my belief in the Lord Jesus Christ,″ he said.

Brewer then said he wasn’t necessarily talking ``about confessing to committing murders, but having a confession where you absolve yourself of sins as a part of this experience with Reverend Grier.″

``That’s not his religion, or mine for that matter,″ responded Simpson, who described himself as a Baptist and said he believed Grier to be non-denominational.

Grier, a former football player, was a frequent visitor to the downtown Men’s Central Jail during Simpson’s year-long criminal trial.

Their conversations became an issue when a deputy testified that Simpson made a loud, tearful remark to Grier in a jail visiting room. Judge Lance Ito denied the prosecution’s request to learn what Simpson shouted.

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