Voice of the People: Democrats punched out?

May 4, 2019

The Mueller report is in. It’s available redacted and not redacted.

The Democrats aren’t interested in it. They are in a 12-round championship battle where they have been throwing everything they have.

Their gloves are soaked with the perspiration, blood and skin of Donald Trump and his supporters. Their avid supporters (the mainstream media) is in a frenzy crying for a knockout blow.

Unfortunately --

They stand in their corner, awaiting the final round, convinced this is the time Trump, the Republicans and his base hit the canvas.

But --

Their arms are at their sides; they cannot raise them; they can only flail harmlessly -- the sting has gone out of their punches, and they know they must go out with chins extended and ultimately fall, defeated, hoisted on their own petard of lies and corruption going back to eight years of Barack Obama, Eric Holder, IRS head Lois Lerner, Loretta Lynch, James Comey and others.

It’s over.

They must come out to the last round, grimace and take the punch.

Of course, they could do the honorable thing -- admit the whole thing was a hoax. They wasted millions of taxpayer dollars, untold amounts of time and demoralized the nation when we could have been uniting and solving problems.

I relish watching the 10 count, but hope they rise a better party.

Ron Hansen