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Romance Must End for Squirrel-Housecat Couple

November 14, 1994

GARDEN CITY, Kan. (AP) _ They came from different worlds: Barney, the outdoor, woodsy-type, and Celeste, the indoor, pampered-type. And in those worlds the star-crossed squirrel and housecat must remain.

Aw, nuts.

It started when businesswoman Mary Guy took in Barney, much to the disapproval of her cat, Corky. The feline reluctantly adopted the squirrel, who found a home with Corky’s new litter - especially with Celeste.

″If I separate them, the cat (Celeste) is just frantic - she cries in agony,″ Guy said. ″They chase each other all through the house ... He’s just happy as a clam.″

But a little bird must have told state wildlife officials about the romance.

They gave Guy until the end of the year to release Barney - even if he thinks he’s a cat - since squirrels can’t be kept as pets.

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