Charlene Travelstead: What’s happening to our country?

November 20, 2018


All I ever hear from the Democrats and even some Republicans (sad to say so) impeach President Trump. On what grounds? They have never gotten over the fact that President Trump won the election fair and square. The hatred they have for Trump is unreal. Instead of working with the American people, all they are focusing on is getting him out of office. These people need to grow up. President Trump has accomplished more for the American people since he as been in office these last two years. Where I live, in Arizona, we have to show our photo ID, sign our names and have our addresses verified. This should be mandatory in every state. This would prevent any fraud, such as voting by dead people and non-citizens.

How many times do they have to count and recount the votes to make sure that it is in favor of the Democrats? In Florida, it is amazing that Brenda Snipes was two minutes late (the machines broke down — OH MY) so that is the reason for the recount. I heard that a Democrat for California who was behind by 6,200 votes won the election. My, oh my, how did that happen. I wonder if Brenda Snipes had anything to do with the count? That woman should be fired, but instead all they do is slap her hands. I often wonder if our votes and/or anyone else’s get counted. Gives you food for thought doesn’t it.

Maxine Waters is a piece of work. No idea where they dug her up from. Here she was the one that initiated all the harassing of the Republicans and now since the Democrats took the house they are making Maxine Waters head of the financial services committe in the House. God help us all.

I pray every night asking God to please help our country and keep everyone safe. Please everyone pray to God as he does listen, and God Bless the United States of America.

Charlene Travelstead

Lake Havasu City

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