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BC-AP News Coverage Advisory

June 26, 2014

Good morning! Here’s a look at how AP’s general news coverage is shaping up today. Some plans are subject to change.


Among today’s coverage highlights as we see them at 1630 GMT:

-- IRAQ (sent; developing)



-- UKRAINE (sent; developing)


-- OBAMA (upcoming)

-- GAY MARRIAGE (sent; developing)

-- WCUP-SUAREZ BANNED (sent; developing)

-- WCUP - spot coverage of today’s games



-- SUGARY DRINKS (sent; developing)



VIDEO: AUSTRALIA_MH370_SEARCH (sent; with text)

Here are details of those stories, plus others we have in the works for today and notable pieces that we sent in the past 10 hours (all times EDT):


IRAQ - Iraq’s vice president has called on parliament to convene Tuesday, the first step toward forming a new government to present a united front against a rapidly advancing Sunni insurgency. SENT: 850 words, photos. UPCOMING: Developing, with a focus on al-Maliki’s fate.

MALAYSIA-PLANE - Investigators looking into the disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines plane are confident the jet was on autopilot when it crashed in a remote stretch of the Indian Ocean, Australian officials say. SENT: 800 words, photo, video. UPCOMING: Developing with new angles including what this means for the search and how search techniques might differ.

APNEWSBREAK: PHILIPPINES-US-WAR ON TERROR- After more than a decade of helping fight al-Qaida-linked militants, the United States is disbanding an anti-terror contingent of hundreds of elite American troops in the southern Philippines. SENT: 760 words, photos.

UKRAINE- Poroshenko on Thursday called on Russia to support his peace plan “with deeds, not words” as a weeklong cease-fire between government troops and pro-Russian rebels is set to expire late Friday. SENT: 450 words, photos.

KOREAS-TENSIONS - North Korea fired three short-range projectiles Thursday into the waters off its east coast, a South Korean defense official said. The move was most likely a routine test-firing, but the official said it could also be meant to stoke tensions with Seoul. SENT: 350 words, photos.

BRITAIN-JIMMY SAVILE - Investigators say the late BBC entertainer Jimmy Savile sexually assaulted victims aged from five to 75 in hospitals across Britain over more than four decades. SENT: 130 words, phtoos.

SUDAN - A Sudanese Christian woman whose death sentence for apostasy was overturned was freed again on Thursday after being detained on accusations of forging travel documents. SENT: 220 words.

CHINA-UIGHUR SCHOLAR - An outspoken minority Uighur scholar went on a hunger strike in a Chinese jail and later was denied food, his lawyer said Thursday in the first news of the activist whose detention more than five months ago drew criticism from U.S. and European officials. SENT: 460 words, photo.

VENEZUELA-LEFTIST DISCONTENT - Already grappling with street protests by the right, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is facing a new level of discontent from an unlikely place: old-school leftists who accuse him of betraying the socialist legacy that carried him to power. . UPCOMING: 710 words by 12:30 p.m., photos.

LEBANON - A suicide bomber who blew himself up at a Beirut hotel and his accomplice, who survived the blast, are citizens of Saudi Arabia, Lebanese officials said Thursday. SENT: 470 words, photos.

WORLD DRUG REPORT - The United Nations’ drug-fighting agency says global drug use appears to be stable, but increasing opium production in Afghanistan is a cause for concern. SENT: 130 words.

CHINA-ARMING POLICE - A string of shooting incidents involving Chinese police — leaving at least four people dead — has the public wondering if its rank-and-file police force is really ready to carry guns, as mandated by new regulations. UPCOMING: 900 words by 10:30 a.m., photos.

WWI-EUROPEAN UNION - In a solemn ceremony marking 100 years since the outbreak of World War I, European Union leaders gather at the blood-soaked battlefields of Flanders to renew their commitment to building a peaceful union between nations that often warred with each other. UPCOMING.

EUROPE ISOLATED BRITAIN - Many political battles are ugly - but toss in 28 nations, high unemployment, angry voters and a skeptical Britain and the fight over who will be the European Union’s next chief executive may have downright hideous consequences. SENT: 960 words, photos.

IRAN ASIATIC CHEETAH - Iran begins a comprehensive campaign to save a unique endangered world species, the Asiatic Cheetah. SENT: 800 words, photos.

FRANCE-MATERNITY WARDS - France is considering reducing the time mothers spend in maternity wards as part of efforts to cut spending. SENT: 130 words.

IRAN NARCOTICS - Iran’s interior minister said Thursday international sanctions imposed over the country’s nuclear program have hindered its ability to fight drug smuggling. SENT: 350 words.

YEMEN - Yemeni security officials say al-Qaida militants have attacked an airport in the country’s south and bombed the facility’s air control tower. SENT: 120 words.

JORDAN-RADICAL PREACHER - A Jordanian military court acquits al-Qaida-linked preacher Abu Qatada of terrorism charges over a foiled 1999 plot to attack an American school in the Jordanian capital, Amman. SENT: 570 words, photos.

CHINA-DISSIDENT RELEASED A leading figure of a small citizen’s movement in southern China is released on bail nearly a month after being taken into police custody, his lawyers say. SENT: 270 words, photos.

SOUTH KOREA-POLITICS - South Korea’s president has decided to retain the country’s current prime minister — who holds the No. 2 spot in the government — after two possible replacements for the job both abandoned their nominations because of questions over past behavior, officials say. SENT: 330 words, photos.

CAMEROON-PILOT MISSING - An American pilot employed by a conservation group is missing after air traffic controllers lost contact with his small plane between Nigeria and Cameroon, the group says. SENT: 230 words.

BRITAIN-ROYAL FINANCES - Royal refurb: Palace repairs helped push taxpayer cost of British monarchy above $60 million. SENT: 180 words.


SUPREME COURT-RECESS APPOINTMENTS - The Supreme Court has limited a president’s power to make temporary appointments to fill high-level government jobs. SENT: 130 words. UPCOMING: Developing.

UNITED STATES-UNUSUAL ALLIES-ANALYSIS - The Obama administration finds itself in a foreign policy and national security pickle of rare complexity with the apparent entry of Syria into the Iraq conflict on the side of the U.S.-backed government in Baghdad as well as active Iranian military support for Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. SENT: 850 words, photos.

AIRPORTS-TALL BUILDINGS - Federal aviation regulators want to dramatically reduce the height of buildings that can be constructed near hundreds of airports across the country. SENT: 960 words, photos.


MIDTERM ELECTIONS-TEA PARTY - The nation’s tea party groups have spent millions only to fall short in election after election. Yet for all the losses, business for the tea party has never been better. SENT: 860 words, photos.

HILLARY CLINTON-WEALTH — tentative —Hillary Rodham Clinton is a hard-working champion of women, children and the poor. Or she’s a wealthy elitist more comfortable in Davos, Switzerland, than Davenport, Iowa. Which is it? If Clinton decides to again run for president, the answer could play a role on whether she’s able to make it back to the White House. “They raised the bar on these issues with Mitt in 2012,” said Ron Kaufman, a longtime adviser to 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney, a unquestionably wealthy former business executive. “Now their candidates for president have to get over the same bar.” UPCOMING: 800 words by 2100 GMT, photos.


GAY MARRIAGE - Exactly one year after the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark rulings on gay marriage, a look at some of the dramatic ripple effects of that ruling over just the past 12 months, broken up into six or eight sections of pivotal moments, paired with photos. By David Crary. UPCOMING: 700 words, photos.

OIL DRILLING-EARTHQUAKES - State regulators will hear from the public as part of a fact-finding and fact-giving tour looking at the role of the state’s oil and gas industry on a major uptick in temblors. SENT: 700 words, photos, video.

DJ’S CONCERTGOERS HOSPITALIZED - Three dozen people were transported to the hospital and as many as 50 others were treated or evaluated at the scene during a an electronic dance music show in Boston featuring Swedish disc jockey Avicii. SENT: 300 words, photo.

SUGARY DRINKS - New York’s highest court refused to reinstate New York City’s ban on the sale of big sodas, ruling that the city’s health department overstepped its bounds when approved the 16-ounce cap on sugary beverages. SENT: 580 words. UPCOMING: Developing.


UNITED NATIONS-EL NINO - There’s a strong chance an El Nino weather event will reappear before the end of the year and shake up climate patterns worldwide, the U.N. weather agency says. SENT: 300 words.


ONLINE TELEVISION BEYOND AEREO - Just because Aereo’s business model has been shot down by the Supreme Court, that doesn’t mean customers’ desire for a better TV experience has gone away. SENT: 700 words, photos.

- DIGITAL LIFE-APP WATCH-AEREO RIVAL - As the television-over-the-Internet service Aereo squares off with broadcasters over copyright claims, a similar Internet startup called FilmOn is on the sidelines. SENT: 600 words, photos.

EUROPE-GOOGLE - Google has begun deleting some search results at the request of its users, following a court ruling that European Union citizens have a right to ask for the removal of embarrassing personal information that pops up on a search of their names. SENT: 350 words, photo.


BRITAIN-BUBBLE TROUBLE - Concerns are mounting that the country’s housing market is overinflated, with London home prices rising almost 19 percent in 12 months. Experts fear the market might ‘pop’ and come crashing down, as it did in the U.S. during the financial crisis, dragging the country into recession. SENT: 850 words, photos.

GENERAL MOTORS-CRUZE — General Motors is preparing to recall about 33,000 Chevrolet Cruze compact cars because the air bags might not inflate properly in a crash. SENT: 130 words.

JULY FOURTH TRAVEL — Highways will be packed once again this July Fourth weekend, with 41 million Americans expected to travel at least 50 miles or more. That’s up about 2 percent from last year, according to AAA. SENT: 130 words, photo.


See World Cup Digest for additional stories and details.

WCUP-SUAREZ BANNED - FIFA has banned Uruguay striker Luis Suarez from all football activities for four months for biting an opponent at the World Cup, ruling him out of the rest of the tournament and the start of the upcoming Premier League season. SENT: 130 words. UPCOMING: Developing.

WCUP-WHAT TO WATCH - The biggest matchup of the day pits the United States against Germany in a game that could put both teams through and will determine whether the Ghana-Portugal game has any real significance. SENT: 960 words, photos.

- WORLD CUP-US TICKETS - Americans’ confusion over exactly how this game of soccer is played hasn’t dampened ticket sales to the World Cup in Brazil. SENT: 780 words, photos.

WCUP-ZINZINNATI FANS Organizers expect thousands to show up at Cincinnati’s Fountain Square for a watch party when the U.S. soccer team plays Germany. The downtown square is also home of Oktoberfest Zinzinnati, which drew 600,000 last year for the annual celebration of the city’s vaunted German heritage, often with beer and bratwurst. SENT: 610 words, photos.


BKN--NBA DRAFT- . The deal-making between teams trading players and picks is expected to be hot and heavy at the NBA draft on Thursday night. UPCOMING: Developing.

GLF--QUICKEN LOANS NATIONAL - Tiger Woods returns to competition Thursday for the first time in three months because of back pain that led him have surgery just a week before the Masters. It’s the second-longest hiatus of his career next to the eight months he missed from knee surgery in 2008 after he won the U.S. Open. UPCOMING: Developing.


CHAINSAW ARTIST - An upstate New York artist’s detailed renderings of curious bears, soaring eagles and other wildlife scenes have won him acclaim and earned him a living for many years. SENT: 550 words, photos, video.


CHINA-HOLLYWOOD-BALANCING ACT - “Transformers: Age of Extinction” illustrates the delicate balancing game of Hollywood studios trying to work out what the Chinese market wants while simultaneously catering to Americans. SENT: 980 words, photos.

TV-SUMMER OF PERIL - It’s a scary world on TV this summer. SENT: 650 words, photos.

MUSIC-JAY Z TOURS - You could create a music award based on Jay Z’s collaborative tours. This year, the rap king hits the road with his superstar wife, Beyonce. We rank Jay Z’s tours with his co-stars. UPCOMING: 600 words by 1500 GMT, photos.

TV-HBO-112 WEDDINGS - Filmmaker Doug Block revisits couples for whom he shot wedding videos to ask how marriage has gone in “112 Weddings,” debuting Monday on HBO. SENT: 600 words, photos.


NICARAGUA-MISS GAY-PHOTO GALLERY - AP PHOTOS: Miss Gay Nicaragua crowned, heads out to fight discrimination, raise awareness. SENT: photos, 280 words.

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