MILWAUKEE (AP) _ A Wisconsin district attorney was looking into allegations made by the state GOP officials about what Republicans called questionable polling procedures on Election Day.

Complaints included voters receiving two ballots or being told they had already voted, said state Republican Party Chairman Richard Graber.

The GOP has received about 800 complaints from around the state, including 600 from Milwaukee County, he said.

``We believe very seriously that the integrity of our election process is at stake,'' Graber said.

Republican George W. Bush lost Wisconsin to Democrat Al Gore by 6,099 votes. More than 2.5 million votes were cast in Wisconsin.

Graber said the party also received complaints from people who were not asked to show identification, saw ballots being taken out of the polling place and observed piles of unattended ballots.

Milwaukee Alderman Marvin Pratt, speaking on behalf of the state Democratic Party, said Democrats ``welcome any type of investigation'' into the charges.

State Rep. Scott Walker, R-Wauwatosa, has already filed a criminal complaint over allegations that Democrats offered homeless people cigarettes if they voted for Gore.

The state Democratic Party has denied any involvement.

District Attorney E. Michael McCann said it was too soon to tell whether any wrongdoing occurred at polling places.