HS GOLF: Flederbach Paces Hornets

August 23, 2018

Luke Flederbach birdied Nos. 2 and 5 at the Honesdale Golf Club and teamed with Max Land to sweep three points in the first group to lead Honesdale to a 5-4 win over Valley View in a Lackawanna League Division I golf match Wednesday.

Franco Pazzaglia also birdied No. 2 for Valley View and swept three points with Tony Carmadella in the middle group.

Individuals: Luke Flederbach (HON) over Billy Durkin, 5 and 3; Max Land (HON) over Drew Higgins, 4 and 2; Franco Pazzaglia (VV) over Aidan Pietraszewski, 4 and 3; Tony Carmadella (VV) over Cole Bannan, 2-up; Ben Williams (HON) over Connor Kelly, 1-up; Dom Verrastro (VV) over Danny Becker, 1-up.

Better-ball: Flederbach-Land over Durkin-Higgins, 5 and 3; Pazzaglia-Carmadella over Pietraszewski-Bannan, 2 and 1; Williams-Becker over Kelly-Verrastro, 1-up.

Records: HON 2-0, VV 1-1.

Abington Heights 6½

North Pocono 2½

At Glen Oak Country Club, Daniel Flickinger eagled No. 3 from 90 yards out and also had a birdie as he and Will Brown swept three points for Abington Heights.

Troy Kelleher had two birdies en route to a 1-under 35 for the Comets.

Bill Pabst had three birdies and shot 3-under 33 to earn two wins for North Pocono.

Individuals: Bill Pabst (NP) over Connor Kelleher, 3 and 2; Jake Millan (NP) and Andrew Kirtley (AH) split; Will Brown (AH) over Steve McNulty, 1-up; Daniel Flickinger (AH) over Dan Evans,

5 and 4; Troy Kelleher (AH) over Matt Domanish, 5 and 4; Nick Sebastianelli (AH) over Thomas Ruddy, 3 and 1.

Better-ball: Pabst-Millan over C. Kelleher-Kirtley, 3 and 2; Brown-Flickinger over McNulty-Evans, 1-up;

T. Kelleher-Sebastianelli over Domanish-Ruddy, 4 and 3.

Records: AH 2-0, NP 0-2.

West Scranton 7, Scranton 2

On the back nine at Pine Hills, Stephen Tabone had two birdies and shot 37 to lead West Scranton.

Patrick McCormack had two wins for Scranton.

Individuals: Stephen Tabone (WS) over Justin Arthur, 2 and 1; Tyler Michel (WS) over Matthew Prothero, 4 and 3; Connor Carlton (WS) over Aidan Whitman, 4 and 3; Drew Yanni (WS) over Tim Prothero, 4 and 3; Patrick McCormack (SCR) over Jake Butka, 5 and 4; Justin Dorneman (WS) over Nino Carachilo,

3 and 2.

Better-ball: Tabone-Michel over Arthur-M. Prothero, 2 and 1; Carlton-Yanni over Whitman-T. Prothero, 4 and 3; McCormack-Carachilo over Butka-Dorneman, 1-up.

Records: WS 1-1, SCR 0-2.

Wallenpaupack 8½

Delaware Valley ½

At Woodloch Springs, Alex Pillar had two birdies and shot 1-under 35 to lead Wallenpaupack.

Individuals: Alex Pillar (WAL) over Brian McKean, 4 and 3; Trevor Regenski (WAL) over Jack Lutfy, 1-up; Evan Regenski (WAL) over Machias Magill, 1-up; Alex Davies (WAL) over Jackson Shafer, 3 and 1; Jack Mowatt (WAL) over Evan Snyder, 3 and 2; Nick Hamer (WAL) over Zach Zazzi, 2 and 1.

Better-ball: Pillar-T. Regenski over McKean-Lutfy, 3 and 2; E. Regensky-Davies over Magill-Shafer split; Mowatt-Hamer over Snyder-Zazzi, 3 and 2.

Records: WAL 2-0, DV 0-2.

Mountain View 5, Holy Cross 4

At Rock Creek, Ben DeMark and Matt Schwartztrauber swept three points in the final group to lead Mountain View to a Division II win.

Tyler Mendicino and Declan Tokash won three points in the first group for Holy Cross.

Individuals: Tyler Mendicino (HC) over Emma Masters, 3 and 2; Declan Tokash (HC) over Travis St. Clair, 5 and 4; Mathias Boles (HC) over Jonny Johnson, 2 and 1; Thomas Johnson (MV) over Colin Walsh, 5 and 4; Ben DeMark (MV) over Jordan McAndrew, 5 and 3; Matt Schwartztrauber (MV) over Ryan Evans, 4 and 3.

Better-ball: Mendicino-Tokash over Masters-St. Clair, 3 and 2; J. Johnson-

T. Johnson over Boles-Walsh, 2 and 1; DeMark-Schwartztrauber over McAndrew-Evans, 5 and 4.

Records: MV 1-0-1, HC 1-1.

Scranton Prep 9, Dunmore 0

At Elmhurst Country Club, Collin Ennis and Michael Lynch swept three points in the first group to lead Scranton Prep.

Individuals: Collin Ennis over Noah Mihal, 5 and 4; Michael Lynch over Will McHale, 4 and 3; M.J. Stivala over Alec DeSando, 5 and 4; Michael Sewack over Jake McNeff, 2 and 1; Matt Tressler over Cole Blasko, 3 and 2; Jake Kosierowski over Frank Ruggiero, 3 and 1.

Better-ball: Ennis-Lynch over Mihal-McHale, 5 and 4; Stivala-Sewack over DeSando-McNeff, 3 and 2; Tressler-Kosierowski over Blasko-Ruggiero,

4 and 3.

Records: SP 2-0, DUN 0-2.

Mid Valley 7, Lackawanna Trail 2

At Scott Greens, Shane Rosencrans and Adam Jackson swept three points in the middle group to lead Mid Valley.

J.P. Gilroy and Andrew Kazmierczak had wins for Lackawanna Trail.

Individuals: Adam Beradelli (MV) over Josh Rzucidlo, 2-up; J.P. Gilroy (LT) over Albert Kausmyer, 4 and 2; Shane Rosencrans (MV) over Luke Baldwin, 5 and 4; Adam Jackson (MV) over Nathan Wescott, 3 and 1; Andrew Kazmierczak (LT) over Bobby Zalenski, 5 and 4; Mariah Minter (MV) over Adam Jones, 5 and 4.

Better-ball: Beradelli-Kausmyer over Rzucidlo-Gilroy, 2-up; Rosencrans-Jackson over Wescott-Baldwin, 4 and 2; Zalenski-Miller over Kazmierczak-Jonees, 3 and 2.

Records: MV 1-1, LT 0-1-1.

Carbondale Area 8, Old Forge 1

On the back nine at Pine Hills, Colin Virkitis and Pat Durkin swept three points in the first group to lead Carbondale Area.

Andrew Cummings won his individual match for Old Forge.

Individuals: Colin Virkitis (CAR) over Hayden Jones, 2 and 1; Pat Durkin (CAR) over Colby Yaros, 5 and 4; Marino DePalma (CAR) over Jordan Kelly, 4 and 3; Andrew Cummings (OF) over Stone Wormuth, 3 and 2; Ian Fedorchak (CAR) over Nick Gallagher, 5 and 4; Noah Newcomb (CAR) over Chris Sickle,

2 and 1.

Better-ball: Virkitis-Durkin over Jones-Yaros, 2 and 1; DePalma-Wormuth over Kelly-Cummings, 4 and 3; Fedorchak-Newcomb over Gallagher-Sickle, 5 and 4.

Records: CAR 2-0, OF 0-1-1.

Lakeland 7, Elk Lake 2

On the back nine at Sleepy Hollow, Shayne Mizok and Evan Tremback swept three points in the middle group to lead Lakeland.

Jason Mowry had two wins for Elk Lake.

Individuals: Jason Mowry (EL) over Christian Winkler, 4 and 2; Dante Brunori (LAK) by forfeit; Shayne Mizok (LAK) over Colby Baker, 2-up; Evan Tremback (LAK) by forfeit; Trey Vitzakovich (LAK) by forfeit; Dimitri Sorochka (LAK) by


Better-ball: Mowry over Winkler-Brunori, 4 and 2; Mizok-Tremback over Baker, 2-up; Vitzakovich-Sorochka by forfeit.

Records: LAK 1-0, EL 0-3.


Mary Kate Yatsonsky shot 50 to earn medalist honors as North Pocono posted wins over Scranton Prep, 170-174, and Dunmore, 170-184, at Elmhurst Country Club.

Lily Mackarey shot 51 for Scranton Prep and Rebecca Lucas shot 56 for Dunmore.

North Pocono (170): Mary Kate Yatsonsky 50, Rachel Wall 59, Bria Piggatt 61.

Scranton Prep (174): Lily Mackarey 51, Marilyn Butler 60, Samantha Zolin 63.

Dunmore (184): Rebecca Lucas 56, Katie Capooci 63, Abby Loungo 65.

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