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Bike Riders Try Stunts to Beat Rail Ban

January 2, 1987

LONDON (AP) _ Cyclists trying to beat a ban on bringing their bicycles aboard commuter trains Friday tore a bike to pieces, wore one as a hat and carried another aboard in a giant envelope.

But rail guards stood firm, allowing only the broken-up bike aboard after ascertaining that it fitted into the overhead baggage rack.

The cyclists came to London’s St. Pancras Station to protest a ban by state-owned British Rail on carrying bikes onto commuter trains.

Simon Banks wrapped his bicycle in a sealed bag and tried to pass it off as personal baggage but was turned back.

One man wrapped his bike in an envelope saying it was mail, and another balanced his bicycle on his head and said it was his hat. Both were turned away.

British Rail says bicycles obstruct the aisles on the crowded commuter lines.

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