Candidates finalized for Crosby ISD school board election

September 7, 2018

Four seats are up for grabs in the upcoming Crosby ISD school board elections this November — however only one position is contested.

Candidates for Positions 1,2,3 and At-Large Position 6 willbe on the ballot.

Two candidates, Sharyl Eavon Fain and Kasey Kealynn Lewis are seeking the Position 2 spot on the school board while the other 3 positions are uncontested.

Tanya Eagleton is seeking re-election for Position 1, while Joseph Robert Humphries is seeking Position 3 and John Warren Swinney is seeking re-election for At-Large Position 6.

Cathi Hughes, Position 2 board member and John Lindsey Position 3 board member have not submitted an application for re-election.

Both Fain and Lewis moved to Crosby several years ago and share a common interest in serving the community.

Fain has been with the Baylor University College of Medicine’s Children’s Nutrition Research Center as an administrative assistant for the past 8 years and Lewis has been a deputy with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office for 8 years.

Lewis said she decided to run to help Crosby ISD become one of top school districts in the area.

“A good quality school district is the foundation of a community. It has a direct impact on the community as a whole. Everything from housing and development to business and economic growth and more,” Lewis said. “All of this results in tax revenue which will only allow us to flourish even more as a community as well as a school district.”

Fain threw her hat in the ring to better help the kids of Crosby ISD as a way to give back to the community.

“When you’re blessed you give back. You can only do that by example. Not everyone is able to give back monetarily. So many in our community have blessed the kids, the district, everybody because they’re able to give monetarily with donations,” Fain said. “But there’s so many other ways to give and when you give with your time and attention, there’s no price tag in that.”

Lewis’s goal for Crosby ISD is to become more responsible financially.

“I would be open to anyone’s idea on how to better the district or even just improve areas within. I will bring fiscal responsibility, but I will also bring an ear. I would like to be strong advocate to those in the community as well,” Lewis said.

Fain shares a common interest with Lewis to also fix the financial situation in the district by looking at the current budget thoroughly.

“That is our No. 1 driving issue at the moment,” Fain said. “We just passed a bond. We had all these wonderful ideas, all these things that we’re trying to do for the kids. I want all of these wonderful things happening for our kids. I advocated for that during the bond. I fought for it during the bond. I didn’t know that we couldn’t afford it.”

Lewis also believes there can be an increased police presence and other safety measures at the schools once the district’s financial issues are addressed.

“The officers currently seen working the schools come at a cost to the district per officer. However, I am confident that there are resources out there and that the board should discuss all available options and programs, followed by research as well as their pros and cons,” Lewis said.

Fain is satisfied in what the district has done so far to make sure the students are safe but also wants to hear community input on the matter.

“I’m only saying that because we haven’t had a problem. Now, would my answer be different if we had a problem? Yes. But we haven’t. And the other issue is the amount of officers we have on duty. We’re still looking at the budget. We’re still going through an audit and what is it that we’re going to be able to afford. So safety is very important. What are we able to physically afford and what if any ideas that are coming forward from the community members might we implement.”


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