Jewell Peterson: Senior citizens in Havasu

February 19, 2019

Editor: So many things are weighing on my mind. I am 73 this July and the love of my life will be 89 on May 13. We came to Lake Havasu City in June of 2007 by invitation from the daughter of my husband who lives here and has a very successful business. My husband was recovering from cancer. We came three years before we decided to buy our own home and stay.

The reason for this writing is we have been here full time for nine years this July, and of course we are getting older with each breath we take. Our life is simple. Like other folks our age we have health issues and have a lot of doctor appointments. During our “free” time we walk at the state park on London Bridge Road and Industrial Boulevard, or we walk the steps at the London Bridge to try to stay up right and fairly mobile. Of course, we also visit Rotary Park and do occasional walks on the course behind the Aquatic Center around the ball court.

We watch people play bocce ball at Rotary Park and find a bench close to children’s areas and enjoy watching their play. When we are brave we go to the skate park and hold our breath in amazement and awe of the young agility versus our age trying to rise from a sitting position without hands or help of any kind.

Much of what is available in our fair city for activities, in our experience, is geared toward younger folks, i.e. bike riding, hiking, water sports and the bowling alley. We are not physically fit or mobile, as it were, for must of these activities. Maybe you know of activities we are not aware of that could be mentioned in your paper on a regular basis. Say, a seniors activity list.

Also, a senior visitation committee to visit “shut-ins” by request would be very beneficial for those of us with families that are too busy. It could be a real lift for those of us too old for certain activities but still in a somewhat upright position.

And participating seniors would benefit from a “club” format to help those who are recovering from this or that or are just lonely and could use a visit to help them feel they are not forgotten. We all benefit from being needed.

Perhaps a reminder to our own offspring to check on us occasionally would not be too far out of line.

Jewell Peterson

Lake Havasu City