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Police Stop Car With Tranquilizer Gun

December 24, 1986

BALTIMORE (AP) _ A runaway car here gets the same treatment as a runaway zoo animal. It is shot with a tranquilizer dart.

James Bowman, 61, said he stopped at a traffic light and got out to wipe off his windshield when the car lurched into reverse and took off.

The car circled the intersection at 20 mph for about 40 minutes as a crowd gathered, police said. Officers gave up hope of the car running out of fuel, so a sharpshooter put a tranquilizer dart in the tire.

As the air escaped, the car shifted direction, jumped a curb, shook several times and stopped, police said. Except for the tire, it was undamaged.

Bowman was not cited for any offense, police said.

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