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Singapore’s Airport Debuts Games

December 27, 2001

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SINGAPORE (AP) _ Instead of ``this is your final boarding call,″ passengers at Singapore’s Changi International Airport may be hearing: ``Is that your final answer?″

Changi, an airport known for its luxury and efficiency, has launched a new trivia ``game show″ for passengers to play while they wait.

Up to 30 passengers at a time sit at electronic consoles while a host shouts out number-based questions such as the weight of a certain type of airliner.

The players key in two numbers _ a minimum and maximum _ and win more points if they give the correct answer within the smallest range. Points are tallied at the end of a 10-question round, and the winner walks away with a voucher worth about $540 to be used at airport shops.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore started ``What’s Your Range?″ on Dec. 15 at a cost of $540,000.

``We noticed the worldwide revival of interest in game shows like ‘Big Brother’ and ‘Survivor,’ CAAS said in a statement. ``At the same time, perennial favorites like ‘Wheel of Fortune’ and (‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’) were also receiving interest in new markets.″

``Who Wants to be a Millionaire?″ is wildly popular in Singapore; a local TV station airs a homegrown version of the game, which started in Britain. An American version became a runaway hit in the United States.

Changi International Airport, a major Asian air travel hub, is known its ritzy transit passenger facilities including an orchid garden, movie theater and swimming pool.

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