Coast Guard tips to avoid shutdown financial drowning: Darcy cartoon

January 11, 2019

Coast Guard tips to avoid shutdown financial drowning: Darcy cartoon

CLEVELAND, Ohio-- The U.S. Coast Guard removed an online tip sheet for furloughed employees on how to avoid financially drowning during the shutdown, such as babysitting or holding a garage sale.

The Washington Post reported the five-page financial advice document was removed from the USCG website after the Post inquired about it.

″[The suggestions] do not reflect the Coast Guard’s current efforts to support our workforce during this lapse in appropriations.  As such, this guidance has been removed, ” Coast Guard spokesman Lt. Cmdr Scott McBride told the Post.

The advice memo was composed by the Coast Guard Support Program that provides employee assistance.    In a section on supplementing lost income, the tip sheet suggests babysitting, dog-walking, garage sales, house sitting and being a mystery shopper, among  other ideas.

Around three-fourths of the USCG’s 8,000 civilian employees have been furloughed. The remaining employees and service members are working without pay. 

The Guard’s funding comes from the Department of Homeland Security, not the Defense Department, as other military services are that have funding.   Because it under the DHS, the Guard has been impacted by the shutdown like other agencies.  Service members have also not been getting their housing allowances.

Today hundreds of thousands of government employees will miss their first paycheck with no end in sight for the shutdown.  Many of those employees live paycheck to paycheck, or at best, are jusrt one more lost paycheck away from not making their next mortgage or rent payment.

Thursday, one furloughed employee told reporters she was off to sell her car on CarMax so she would have enough money to make her next mortgage payment.

Another furloughed couple were interviewed sitting  at their kitchen table as they called one creditor after another begging for leniency over delayed or missed payments due to the shutdown.   Instead of leniency, the couple’s mortgage holder told them that if they missed one more payment, foreclosure proceedings would begin.

Billionaire Donald Trump, millionaire Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter should be the ones on the phone with the banks, utilities, cable and credit card companies urging the hundreds of thousand of furloughed workers be shown mercy for the shutdown Trump, Limbaugh and Coulter are directly and solely responsible for.

Trump went ahead with his self-described waste of time, photo-op visit to the southern border Thursday.  On his way to Texas and while their, Trump said his claim that Mexico would pay for the wall was always just a figure of speech, that he never meant that they would literally fund the wall.  That’s just the latest block on Trump’s wall of lies.

Written statements issued from the Trump Campaign called for Mexico to make a one time payment in the $billions to pay for the wall.   In addition to the written statements, there is all the video of Trump insisting Mexico would literally fund the wall.

Trump said he still may declare a national emergency to build the wall.  There is no real national emergency at the southern border.   There is a real national emergency going on right now in the homes of hundreds of thousands of furloughed government workers who weren’t given $14 million by their father, like Trump, in a tax dodge scheme.

The Coast Guard financial tip document stated that “Bankruptcy is a last option.”  But the Trump White House, Republican-led Senate, Limbaugh and Coulter have already proven themselves to be morally bankrupt. 

Mexico isn’t paying for the wall.  Congress isn’t paying for the wall.   Furloughed workers and taxpayers needing government services are paying for the wall having to endure the hardship of a needless government shutdown.

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