Drivers: Report faded road markings, lane stripes to the DOT

May 7, 2019

Have you noticed it while you’re driving? Many road stripes and lane markings across the state have faded away, and it’s a real problem at night or in the rain.

After I got an email from viewer Richard Hucke last month pointing out some trouble spots, I went to the N.C. Department of Transportation for answers.

“It’s very much fading away,” Hucke said, referencing a section of Ray Road in Raleigh. “Even the center of the road is fading away now.”

As Hucke noted, pavement markings are fading on roads all over the state. When I rode around with Hucke, we found plenty of examples, from two-lane suburban roads to congested streets in the city.

“If you come down this road at night, it’s a whole different world,” Hucke said while on our drive. “And this has to be one of the busiest intersections in Raleigh.”

When I asked NCDOT spokesman Steve Abbott about the fading, he said snow plows, brine treatments and the elements take their toll on highway stripes over time. NCDOT crews try to stay on top of them, but if you see a problem, you can report it to your local DOT office.

“We go out, see what’s needed there, and we have on-call contractors who do the striping for us,” Abbott said, adding that DOT engineers are testing new striping materials.

“Statewide, we’re looking at better striping, experimental things...striping that will last a lot longer,” he said.

For now, when drivers like Hucke see fading, they can do their part by letting the DOT know where the roads need a touch-up. Drivers can email the NCDOT here.

Don’t expect crews to be able to respond immediately, Abbott said, but it helps if you can be as specific as possible about the location.