Five interesting facts about Susan B. Anthony

October 11, 2018

A woman of multiple causes

While Susan B. Anthony was best known as a leader in the suffrage movement to secure voting rights for women, she also was a strong anti-slavery and temperance advocate.

Vote put her in jail

In 1872, Anthony was arrested for voting in her hometown of Rochester, N.Y., and convicted in a widely publicized trial. Although she refused to pay the fine, the authorities declined to take further action.

Amendment named for her

The 19th Amendment, or the measure that ensured women the right to vote, was passed in 1920 and is known as the Susan B. Anthony Amendment.

Devoted to her work

Anthony never married, and wasn’t known to have been in any serious romantic relationship.

Anniversary for Anthony coin

On Oct. 10, 1978, or 40 years ago today, President Jimmy Carter authorized the Susan B. Anthony dollar, a coin worth $1.

Source: tonsoffacts.com

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