NAZARETH, Pa. (AP) _ CART officials have decided to take no immediate action against driver A.J. Foyt despite his run-in with a race official Sunday at the Quaker State 500.

On Sunday, CART's chief steward, Wally Dallenbach, said he would consider fining Foyt for accosting a CART official at the conclusion of the Quaker State race at Mount Pocono, Pa.

John Evenson, director of communications for CART, said Dallenbach planned to sleep on it, then make a decision in the morning. But since Dallenbach left for home Monday morning without further comment, Evenson said CART officials at this time planned no action against Foyt.

Evenson was in Nazareth for an inspection of the new Pennsylvania International Raceway.

Foyt is accused of accosting race official Dick Perry after finishing seventh Sunday.

Foyt was one of five drivers charged with a stop-and-go penalty during the race for exiting the pits with wheels above a yellow demarcation line.

''The rest took it on the chin,' Dallenbach said. ''I guess A.J. was upset and decided to take it out on Perry.

''He (Perry) was nothing but a messenger. If Foyt should be mad at somebody, he should be mad at me.''

Dallenbach said he talked to Foyt and his crew after the incident, and that Foyt apologized to Perry.

The chief steward indicated that the rule about driving over the yellow line was discussed at length in the prerace drivers meeting. It was noted that cars racing on the track dived very low in the No. 1 turn, and Dallenbach did not want a tangle between fast- and slow-moving cars.

''A.J. has a history of having a short temper,'' Dallenbach said.

Foyt killed his engine in his stop-and-go penalty trip.