Crestwood Field House Plans Still On

September 20, 2018

Editor: To Mountain Top taxpayers who think the field house construction has been tabled, it hasn’t been. The bids totaling $6.1 million have been rescinded. The plans have been resubmitted to downsize the building. The Taj Mahal act states that if bids come in 8 percent higher then estimates then it has to be put on referendum for taxpayers vote. In case you forgot or didn’t know the Crestwood School Board hired the Hunt Group to do a study of the schools and at the last minute the board threw in the field house. Hunt’s estimate came in at $2 million, the board borrowed $4.5 million and the bids came in at $6.1 million. The school district is trying to bypass the Taj Mahal act by rescinding the bids and resubmitting the plans. The school board had their chance, why no referendum? Was the Department of Education notified of all this? That website states they have to be notified even if not state funded. Is the board going to keep rescinding and resubmitting plans? This gets costly too. Let the board know at the next meeting on Sept. 20. Let them know pro or con. Rick Shutt MOUNTAIN TOP

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