Climate change

The Dude’s case for pasta straws

October 26, 2018

Jeff Bridges narrated and produced a new documentary about climate change that encourages viewers to take even small steps to help the environment. And the 68-year-old actor says he's been walking the walk, using straws made out of pasta and avoiding plastic water bottles. (Oct. 25)

Climate change comes home for Jeff Bridges

October 26, 2018

Jeff Bridges recalls "boulders the size of cars" when a deadly mudslide hit his home in Montecito, California. The actor believes the massive fire that preceded the January debris flow was a result of climate change -- the topic of a new documentary that Bridges narrated and produced called "Living in the Future's Past." (Oct. 25)

Melting glacier in China draws climate worries

October 21, 2018

Millions of people each year are drawn to Baishui Glacier No. 1 and its cold beauty in Central Asia. Scientists warn Baishui's dramatic melting is a sign of what’s to come across the region. The impacts of climate change already are dramatic. (Oct. 22)

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