Two Rescued From Small Capsized Boat In Hudson River

July 10, 2018

Two people were rescued after their dinghy overturned in the Hudson River off Jersey City, New Jersey. A passenger boat quickly picked up one man. The other man was left standing on the capsized boat until he swam to a rescue boat. (July 10)

Late Governor’s Ashes Honored at Saloon

March 17, 2018

Brendan Byrne always had a soft spot for New Jersey's Hudson County, and now the late governor's ashes reside at a saloon there temporarily. Supporters of Byrne congregated Friday for a ceremony celebrating his life and St. Patrick's Day. (March 16)

Moveable Building in Works for NY’s Hudson Yards

March 12, 2018

A feature of the massive Hudson Yards complex being built along Manhattan's west side will be The Shed, a four-story arts center that moves. (March 12)

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