Lindsey Graham

Sen. Graham to Trump: ‘You’re not helping’

October 3, 2018

Speaking at an event hosted by The Atlantic magazine, Trump ally Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said he "didn't particularly like" the president's remarks, adding, "I would tell him, knock it off. You're not helping." (Oct. 3)

Graham: Kavanaugh allegations ‘unethical sham’

September 27, 2018

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham slammed Democrats for holding onto Christine Blasey Ford's allegations until after the confirmation hearings, calling them an "unethical sham." (Sept. 27) .

Graham: Dems trying to delay Kavanaugh vote

September 27, 2018

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham says he's now more convinced than ever that Democrats' goal is to delay the vote on President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee to after the midterms. (Sept. 27)

Streisand on Kavanaugh: ‘I just hope the public responds’

September 27, 2018

Recording artist Barbra Streisand criticizes Republicans Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham for their attitude to Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, saying "this is a fait accompli." (Sept. 27)

Sen. Graham ‘suspicious’ of new accuser’s claims

September 26, 2018

Republican Senators Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and John Kennedy of Louisiana stressed that the confirmation vote for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh should not be delayed amid new allegations of sexual assault. (Sept. 26)

Sen. Graham remembers his friend John McCain

August 28, 2018

Sen. Lindsey Graham honored the life of the late Sen. John McCain on the Senate floor on Tuesday. McCain died at 81 on Saturday after a year-long battle with brain cancer. (Aug. 28)

Graham: Goal is Unite World Against Chinese Trade

August 6, 2018

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham tours factory to tout President Donald Trump's efforts on trade. Graham says the president is 'trying to unite the world against Chinese business practices.' (Aug. 6)

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