Peter Sarsgaard

No binge-watching for Peter Sarsgaard

May 9, 2018

Peter Sarsgaard, star of Hulu's "The Looming Tower," says he misses the water-cooler talk around regularly scheduled TV series, and isn't into "isolating" binge-watching. (May 9)

Sarsgaard tackles 9/11 in ‘The Looming Tower’

February 1, 2018

Peter Sarsgaard and Wrenn Schmidt discuss "The Looming Tower" - a new TV series which examines the events that led to the 9/11 attacks, including the rivalry between the CIA and FBI. (Feb. 1)

How Natalie Portman brought Jackie Kennedy to life in new film

December 7, 2016

To capture Jacqueline Kennedy's dialect for the new movie 'Jackie,' Natalie Portman says she did her homework. She also talks about acting with Peter Sarsgaard, who plays Robert Kennedy in the film. (Dec. 7)

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