Sept 11 anniversary

New York is commemorating 9/11 with somber tributes at the site of the World Trade Center attacks. (Sept. 11)

Americans are commemorating the Sept. 11 terror attacks with somber tributes, volunteer projects and a new monument to victims.

Shaken by the experience of 9/11, Stephen Feuerman, his wife and their two small children moved to a South Florida suburb they figured would be safer than New York. (Sept. 10)
White House staff pause for a moment of silence on the South Lawn in remembrance of those lost in terror attacks on September 11, 2001. (Sept. 11)
President Donald Trump paid tribute to the "heroes" aboard a Sept. 11 flight that crashed in a Pennsylvania field 17 years ago, praising the passengers and crew members who sent the message that the nation would "never, ever submit to tyranny." (Sept. 11)

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January 16, 2019

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November 21, 2018
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