Tommy Chong

Tommy Chong chats about his greatest partners

June 13, 2018

Tommy Chong is known nowadays for his collaborations with Cheech Marin, but he says there's another partner that's been key to his life's success: his wife Shelby. (June 13)

Tommy Chong extols pot health benefits

June 12, 2018

Tommy Chong is 80-years-old and still smoking and promoting the health benefits of his drug of choice. (June 11)

Tommy Chong’s healthy fix for the munchies

June 1, 2018

Tommy Chong's solution for staying healthy when he gets the marijuana munchies: chopped celery dipped in almond butter. (June 1)

Tommy Chong on turning 80

May 23, 2018

Comedian Tommy Chong, of the duo Cheech and Chong, is turning 80. The milestone means there's a long list of things he doesn't have to do anymore. (May 23)

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