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Tutu Says Evil of Apartheid Can Only Be Likened To Nazism

May 21, 1988

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa (AP) _ Archbishop Desmond Tutu told students that apartheid is ″so utterly evil, immoral, unbiblical and unchristian that it can only be compared with that equally evil system - Nazism.″

At his installation Friday as chancellor of the University of the Western Cape, the nation’s most militant university, the black Anglican clergman also defended his appeals for tough Western sanctions against South Africa.

″The onus is on those who oppose sanctions to provide a viable, non- violent alternative,″ said the prelate, who is the Anglican spiritual leader for all of southern Africa and winner of the 1984 Nobel Peace Prize.

Tutu said he accepted the position of chancellor on behalf of detainees, political exiles, displaced blacks and other victims of ″this vile and obscene system″ of apartheid, the country’s race segregation system under which the black majority has no voice in national affairs.

The prelate returned home Thursday from a month in Europe and the United States during which he asked for punitive sanctions against this country.

The calls were widely covered here in the news media and denounced not only by the government but by white and black moderates who say sanctions will increase black unemployment without inducing whites to accept reforms.

″The problem is not sanctions, the problem is apartheid,″ Tutu said Friday. ″I want apartheid destroyed, not reformed. If it can be done away with without sanctions, I will sing hallelujah.″

Tutu was greeted by hundreds of cheering students upon his arrival.

As chancellor at the University of the Western Cape, Tutu will be the honorary leader of a university that the government established for mixed-race students in 1960 as part of its segregated educational system.