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Bright and Brief

April 6, 1985

PHILADELPHIA (AP) _ When Sheila Trainor let the cat out of the bag to win her court case, it was a dog.

Neighbors had charged that her tiny Yorkshire terrier, Noodles, was a nuisance because of his barking. But Noodles stayed hidden in Mrs. Trainor’s bag for three hours of silence in court.

She produced him from the bag after argument in the case, to prove her point - that Noodles can be quiet when he wants to be.

″If he knows I don’t want him to bark, he won’t bark,″ she said Friday. ″Noodles is very easy to handle.″

After she let Noodles out of the bag on Tuesday, Common Pleas Judge Richard B. Klein said she could keep the dog, despite her condominium homeowners’ association order that she get rid it.


ATLANTA (AP) - Pittsburgh, America’s most liveable city? Tell it not in the streets of Atlanta.

The capital of Georgia, No. 1 last year in Rand McNally’s ″Places Rated Almanac″ but No. 11 this year, is the target of humor from a Pittsburgh advertising company.

Allegheny Media’s billboard, alongside an expressway in downtown Atlanta, bears this invitation: ″Want to live in America’s No. 1 city? Move to Pittsburgh 3/8 Y’all come.″

The locals don’t particularly like it.

Radio station WQXI-FM wants to erect a rebuttal billboard nearby with a duplicate in Pittsburgh.

″It’s a matter of pride,″ Randall Hinton, a spokesman for the radio station, said Friday. ″We’re darn proud of the city here.″

The Pittsburgh billboard here was the brainchild of James C. Roddey, who took a ribbing when he moved from Atlanta to the Pennsylvania city in 1979, and felt justified when Pittsburgh gained Rand McNally’s No. rating this year.


ROCHESTER, N.Y. (AP) - A pair of exacting engineering students at the University of Rochester will split $100 for winning a high-technology egg toss contest.

The winners kept a raw egg intact after catapulting it three times inside a stubby white rocket onto a bull’s-eye more than 30 feet away.

″It was wonderful,″ university spokesman Stephen Braun said of the contest. ″There were many scrambled eggs, however.″

Michael Donahower and Vut Sankanung scored 26 out of a possible 30 points to claim their third consecutive title in the annual contest sponsored by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. They were among 12 entries.

One contestant was disqualified for cruelty to bunnies after launching an egg crammed into a stuffed pink Easter bunny.

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