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Auto Worker Gets Biggest RSI Award in Britain

April 27, 1992

LONDON (AP) _ An auto worker forced to retire by a repetitive strain injury has been awarded more than $100,000 in compensation, the most ever in Britain for that health problem, the Amalgamated Engineering Union said today.

The union’s health and safety spokesman, Nigel Harris, said Jane Inskip had to quit work in 1986 because she developed severe pain in her left hand after 13 years as a machine operator for the Vauxhall car company.

Luton County Court awarded Mrs. Inskip 59,617 pounds ($105,000), Harris said.

Vauxhall said it would appeal.

The union’s lawyer, Colin Ettinger, said the award was a British record for RSI, which is caused by repetitive motions or awkward positions required by some jobs. He said the previous highest award was 67,000 pounds ($118,000) shared by nine workers.

Peter Inskip said his 63-year-old mother had been told by an unemployment office it was not worth applying for jobs because of her injury.

″She cannot even do simple things like the washing up or ironing and her hands and arms get worse in the cold weather,″ he said.

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