Feel Good Friday Quiz

October 13, 2018

See how well you’ve been paying attention and take the quiz here:

Just in time for Halloween, what is the new flavor of Skittles? Baby elephants suck their _______ for comfort the way babies suck their thumbs. Who is the current defending NFL champion? What is the official title of the new “Rambo” movie? Name one of the three most streamed artist of all time on Spotify. What percentage of women say they fantasize about cuddling with someone other than their partner?Thanks to millennials, ________ cheese sales are down for the fourth year in a row. Who is the current defending NBA champion?What ____% of people believe their pet have seen a ghost?A woman was recently escorted off a flight over her emotional support _______. What major company is offering its employees backup child care for $1 per hour? Who is the current defending women’s college basketball champion? What celebrity is reportedly being treated for an emotional breakdown? A new survey shows what ____% of people aren’t interested in the political and social opinions of celebrities they like?What is the definition of the new dating term, “sneating”? Who is the current defending FIFA men’s World Cup champion? Less than what ____% of the cars we buy today are stick shift?Name one of the top three foods we can’t resist during the holidays.Forest rangers in India are planning to capture a tiger that’s killed 13 people by attracting it with _______ cologne. Tim McGraw was once offered the chance to play what popular singer in a movie, but he said no because he would’ve had to gain 30 pounds?

Alright, Smarty Pants - how well did you actually do? Here’s the answer key:

(Rotten Zombie.)(Trunks.)(Philadelphia Eagles.)(Rambo 5: Last Blood.)(1. Drake, 2. Ed Sheeran, 3. Eminem.)(22%.)(American.)(Golden State Warriors.)(40%.)(Squirrel.)(Starbucks.)(Notre Dame.)(Selena Gomez.)(58%.)(When a woman goes on dates with guys just to get free meals.)(France.)(4%.)(Pumpkin pie, turkey, mashed potatoes.)(Calvin Klein Obsession.)(Elvis.)

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