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Bush To Get Biggest Check in First Wave of U.S. Treasury Checks

January 3, 1988

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Vice President George Bush will be getting the biggest check among 12 presidential hopefuls as they receive $25.6 million on Monday in the first wave of federal matching funds from the U.S. Treasury.

Later in the week, $3.1 million more in checks will be sent out, making it easily the best money week any of the contenders have ever had.

Only Democrat Jesse Jackson of the major candidates has not qualified for matching funds, but that disparity is expected to be remedied after the campaign files new documentation with the Federal Election Commission on Monday.

The Republican Bush will receive $4.8 million Monday and more than $900,000 later in the week, tops for any of the candidates.

Presidential candidates can win eligibility for federal matching funds by raising at least $5,000 in individual contributions of $250 or less in at least 20 states. Once eligible, all individual contributions up to $250 are matched dollar for dollar by money from the Treasury. Those funds come from the voluntary $1 checkoff on personal tax returns.

Here is a list of the candidates and the amounts of matching funds they are due. After the candidate’s name is the amount due to be sent Monday, the amount due later in the week and the total.

Former Arizona Gov. Bruce Babbitt, Democrat, $631,489, $87,745, $719,235;

Vice President George Bush, $4,847,851, $913,689, $5,761,540;

Senate Republican Leader Robert Dole, $4,338,141, 0, $4,338,141;

Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis, Democrat, $2,402,296, $1,091,122, $3,493,418;

Former Delaware Gov. Pete du Pont, Republican, $1,868,762, 0, $1,868,762;

Missouri Rep. Richard Gephardt, Democrat, $1,737,216, 0, $1,737,216;

Tennessee Sen. Albert Gore Jr., Democrat, $1,313,836, $242,564, $1,556,401;

Former Secretary of State Alexander Haig, Republican, $100,000, $174,850, $274,850;

Former Colorado Sen. Gary Hart, Democrat $100,000, 0, $100,000;

New York Rep. Jack Kemp, Republican $3,012,949, 0, $3,012,949;

Former television evangelist Pat Robertson, Republican $4,495,607, 0, $4,495,607; and

Illinois Sen. Paul Simon, Democrat, $748,180, $641,956, $1,390,137.

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