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ABC Leads News-Documentay Emmy Nominations with 34 With AM-Emmy Nominations, which advances

July 21, 1993

ABC Leads News-Documentay Emmy Nominations with 34 With AM-Emmy Nominations, which advances Thursday’s announcement of prime time nominations.

NEW YORK (AP) _ ABC, with 34 citations, led the 14th annual News and Documentary Emmy Award nominations announced Wednesday by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

The Public Broadcasting Service was second, with 30 nominations, and CBS was third with 23. NBC and Turner Broadcasting System each had eight nominations.

Cable News Network had six nominations, followed by cable’s Discovery, with four, HBO, with two, and Arts & Entertainment with one.

The 116 nominations in 29 categories were selected by blue-ribbon peer panels from among nearly 1,000 entries for the 1992 calendar year.

The Emmy Awards for news and documentary programming will be presented Sept. 8 at a black tie dinner and ceremony at the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan.

The nominees:

Coverage of a Single Breaking News Story


″72 Hours to Victory: Behind the Scenes with Bill Clinton,″ ABC, ″Nightline.″

″L.A. Riots,″ CBS, ″CBS Evening News.″

″Peter Jennings Reporting: Who Is Ross Perot?″ ABC, special.


″Famine in Somalia,″ CNN, ″CNN News.″

″Somalia: A. Kismayu, B. Baidoa,″ CBS, ″CBS Evening News.″

″Moment of Crisis,″ ABC, ″PrimeTime Live.″

″L.A.: How the Riot Began: Where Were the Police?″ ABC, ″Nightline.″

″The Bishu Massacre,″ CNN, ″CNN News. ″

Instant Coverage of a Single Breaking News Story

″Saving Somalia,″ CNN, special.

″City Under Fire,″ NBC, special.

″Yugoslavia,″ ABC, ″PrimeTime Live.″

Background-Analysis of a Single Current Story


″Tides of War,″ TBS, ″National Geographic Explorer.″

″Moment of Crisis: Anatomy of a Riot,″ ABC, ″Nightline.″

″Brain Transplant,″ PBS, ″Nova.″

″Peter Jennings Reporting: Men, Sex, and Rape″ ABC, special.


″Bang, Bang You’re Dead,″ CBS, ″60 Minutes.″

″Caitlin’s Story,″ CBS, ″60 Minutes.″

″The Poison Next Door,″ ABC, ″PrimeTime Live.″

″Heart to Heart,″ CBS, ″60 Minutes.″

″Whose Children,″ ABC, ″PrimeTime Live.″

″The Lambs of Christ,″ CBS, ″6O Minutes.″

Investigative Journalism


″Gulf War: Untold Stories,″ ABC, ″Nightline.″

″Bad Medicine,″ CBS, ″48 Hours″

″The USS Vincennes: Public War-Secret War,″ ABC, ″Nightline.″

″JFK, Hoffa, and the Mob,″ PBS, ″Frontline.″


″Elderly Under Siege (Bosnia)″ ABC, ″ABC World News Tonight.″

″Cleaning Up,″ CBS, ″60 Minutes.″

″Ape Trade″ TBS, ″National Geographic Explorer.″

″When Someone Knocks,″ ABC, ″20-20.″

″Unfit to Fly?″ NBC, ″Dateline NBC.″

″To Prove Them Innocent,″ ABC, ″20-20.″

″The Unkindest Cut,″ ABC, ″Primetime Live.″

″The Serb Camps,″ CNN, ″CNN News.″



″One on One with Roger Payne,″ Discovery, ″Charlie Rose,″ Interviewer: Charlie Rose.

″A Conversation with David Miscavige,″ ABC, ″Nightline,″ Interviewer: Ted Koppel.


″Mr. & Mrs. Clinton,″ CBS, ″60 Minutes,″ Interviewer: Steve Kroft.

″Interview with Caspar Weinberger,″ ABC, ″This Week With David Brinkley,″ Interviewers: Sam Donaldson, George Will, James Wooten.

″Bryant Gumbel with Ross Perot,″ NBC, ″Today,″ Interviewer: Bryant Gumbel.

″Woody Allen,″ CBS, ″60 Minutes,″ Interviewer: Steve Kroft.

″Arthur Seale, Patricia Reso Interviews: No Way Out,″ ABC, ″20-20,″ Interviewer: Barbara Walters.

″The Color of Triumph,″ ABC, ″PrimeTime Live,″ Interviewer: Diane Sawyer.

Coverage of a Continuing News Story


″Mind of a Serial Killer,″ PBS, ″Nova.″

″The Heroin Connection,″ CBS, ″48 Hours.″

″Smallest Survivors,″ CBS, ″48 Hours.″

″The Killer Next Door,″ CBS, ″48 Hours.″


″Race and Rights,″ CNN, ″Democracy In America.″

″Withholding Information,″ CBS, ″Street Stories.″

″Gay Cops,″ CBS, ″60 Minutes.″

″The Money Trail,″ PBS, ″Listening To America With Bill Moyers.″

″Somalia,″ ABC, ″World News Tonight.″

Informational or Cultural Programming


″The People Bomb,″ TBS, special.

″Dream Deceivers,″ PBS, ″P.O.V.″

″Clarence Thomas & Anita Hill: Public Hearing, Private Pain,″ PBS, ″Frontline.″

″Secrets of the Golden River,″ ABC, ″ABC World of Discovery.″

″The Death of Nancy Cruzan,″ PBS, ″Frontline.″

″Survive Siberia,″ ABC, ″ABC World of Discovery.″


″No Greater Love,″ NBC, ″Dateline NBC.″

″Mr. President,″ CBS, ″60 Minutes.″

″Free from Silence,″ ABC, ″PrimeTime Live.″

Historical Programming


″The Meiji Revolution,″ PBS, ″The Pacific Century.″

″Reinventing Japan,″ PBS, ″The Pacific Century.″

″The Quiz Show Scandal,″ PBS ″The American Experience.″

″Cuban Missle Crisis,″ A&E, special.


″Ode to Secretariat,″ CBS, ″Sunday Morning.″

″To Catch a Spy,″ NBC, ″Sunday Today.″

″Survival 3/8 The Shackleton Story,″ TBS, ″National Geographic Explorer.″

Special Classification for Program Achievement


″Louisiana Boys: Raised on Politics,″ PBS, ″P.O.V.″

″Valley of the Kangaroos,″ TBS, ″National Geographic Explorer.″


″Reports from Sarajevo,″ CNN, ″The International Hour.″

″Webs of Intrigue,″ TBS, ″National Geographic Explorer.″

″Robert Krulwich, economics correspondent,″ CBS, ″CBS This Morning.″

″Last Images of War,″ PBS, ″P.O.V.″


Paul Stekler, James Welch, PBS, ″Last Stand at Little Big Horn: The American Experience.″

Robert Guenette, HBO, ″Orson Welles: What Went Wrong?″

Ric Burns, PBS, ″The Donner Party: The American Experience.″

Geoff Ward, Phillip Whitehead, Marilyn Mellows, David Espar and James A. Devinney, PBS, ″The Kennedys: The American Experience.″


Stephen Olsson, Scott Andrews, PBS, ″Last Images of War: P.O.V.″

Christine Lesiak, WGBH-PBS, ″The White Man’s Image: The American Experience.″

Ric Burns, WGBH-PBS, ″The Donner Party: The American Experience.″


James Lipscomb, Rex Ziak, ABC, ″Tall Ship: High Sea Adventure: ABC World of Discovery.″

Richard Matthews, TBS, ″Crater of the Rain God: National Geographic Explorer.″

Alastair Macewen, ABC, ″Secrets of the Golden River: ABC World of Discovery.″

William H. Molina, Michael Javorka, David Tate, Louis Schwartzberg, Discovery, ″Oceans of Air.″

Electronic Camera:

Steve Stanford, John Landi, ABC, ″Moment of Crisis: PrimeTime Live″

Vim De Vos, CBS, ″Singing the Past: Sunday Morning.″

Peter Scoones, Rob Brownhill, Mike Degruy, Andrew McClenaghan, TBS, ″Sea Trek: The Galapagos Islands: National Geographic Explorer.″

Masakazu Fukuhara, ABC, ″Survive Siberia: ABC World of Discovery.″

Doug Crawford, PBS, ″Surviving Columbus.″


Vivian Kleiman, PBS, ″Color Adjustment: P.O.V.″

Paul Steckler, Maia Harris, PBS, ″Last Stand at Little Bighorn: The American Experience.″

Stephen Olsson, Scott Andrews, PBS, ″Last Images of War: P.O.V.″

Art Directors-Scenic Designers:

David Weller, ABC, ″ABC Election Night: The ’92 Vote.″

Ralph Famiglietta, John Leprovost, Bettina Ewing, NBC, ″Dateline NBC.″


Ed Novick, HBO, ″Never Say Die: The Pursuit of Eternal Youth.″

Bill Fast, Gordon Hempton, PBS, ″Vanishing Dawn Chorus.″

Jeanne Rawlings, Edna Snow, Glen Marullo, Kris Kral, Nelson Funk, PBS, ″The Mexicans: Through Their Eyes - National Geographic Special.″

Videotape Editors

John Stephen, Richard Hyjek, NBC, ″Block One, Block Two, & Block Three: The Brokaw Reports: America’s Schools - Pass or Fail.″

John Molloy, ABC, ″1992 Year Ender: World News Tonight.″

Eric Steven Wray, Peter Imber, Tommy Fasano, ABC, ″Moment of Crisis - Anatomy of a Riot: Nightline.″

Warren Lustig, CBS, ″1992 Year in Review: Street Stories.″

Kelly Hendricks, Discovery, ″Next Step.″

Film Editors

Alan Berliner, PBS, ″Intimate Stranger: P.O.V.″

Barry Nye, A.C.E., PBS, ″Eternal Enemies: Lions and Hyenas - National Geographic Special.″

Barry Nye, A.C.E., PBS, ″Braving Alaska: National Geographic Special.″

Mark Fletcher, ABC, ″Secrets of the Golden River: ABC World of Discovery.″

Graphic Designers

John Ridgeway, Lewis Hall, Chris Williamson, Ian Dawson, James Kealy, CBS, ″CBS News Campaign ’92.″

Al Berman, Richard Mutschler, Steve Besner, Tim Kennedy, Pam Livingston, Ned Steinberg, John Huie, David Abbate, Anne Cadel, Jared Thaler, Phil Mirante, Karen McInnis, Lou Palisano, David Keller, Joanne Dominick, Linda Griffin, John Ridgway, Lewis Hall, CBS, ″Various Graphics, 1992: CBS Evening News.″

Jeff Gralnick, Roger Goodman, Katherine Dillon, Frank Sveva, Regina Egan, Lisa Brunt, Joan Griffin, Steve George, Nicoletta Agnelli, Debra Offer, Christopher Mallory, Terrence Pong, Christian Rifai, Nancy Ross, Charles Rohlfs, David Schilling, ABC, ″Election Night Coverage: The ’92 Vote.″

Title Sequences

Suzette Janczkowski, Alisa Robbins, Laurie Zacharia, Discovery, ″Wildlife Journeys.″

Tim Miller, Glenn Lazzaro, NBC, ″58 Days 3/8 Show Open: The Brokaw Reports.″

John Ridgway, Al Berman, Steve Besner, Richard Mutscher, Lewis Hall, Ian Dawson, Melinda Tidwell, CBS, ″CBS Evening News.″

Penelope Fleming, Ellen Mason, ABC, ″Opening Title Sequences: PrimeTime Live.″


Sheldon Mirowitz, PBS, ″Columbus’ Magnificent Voyage.″

John McEuen, David Hoffner, ″Braving Alaska: National Geographic Special.″

Michael Bacon, WGBH-PBS, ″The Kennedys: The American Experience.″

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