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Border Guards Tipped To Possible Kidnap Try

March 2, 1985

SAN DIEGO (AP) _ U.S. immigration and customs officials along the 1,700-mile Mexican border are on alert after a tip that a group of Mexicans plan to kidnap a customs agent within 10 days, a newspaper reported today.

The San Diego Union reported that the alert, which includes arming Immigration and Naturalization Service inspectors who normally are not required to carry weapons, followed a message Friday to all U.S. ports of entry.

Customs Service intelligence officer Kenneth Ingleby said in the message that in light of the Feb. 7 abduction of a U.S. drug agent in Guadalajara, Mexico, the tip ″should be taken seriously and appropriate security measures initiated to protect our personnel.″

Ingleby said Customs intelligence operatives here received information Thursday ″that within 10 days, an unknown group of Mexican nationals intends to kidnap a U.S. Customs agent″ or immigration officer.

The tip, Ingleby said, came from a source in the Mexican state of Sonora ″who is reported to have furnished reliable information in the past.″