Leaders should stop talking about anthem flap -- Dolores Ace

September 20, 2018

I’m tired of hearing our elected officials weigh in on the situation with football players and the national anthem. Don’t we elect our president and our governor to do more important things than try to control the actions of football players?

If President Donald Trump had just left it alone in the first place, it would not have become such a big deal. But of course this is exactly the kind of trivial thing a small-minded toad like him would have to get involved in. These guys need to do the jobs we elected them to do and just shut up about the football players.

While I’m complaining -- I’m also disgusted with all the discussion about whether or not security guards are properly trained, and maybe a bank robber wouldn’t be dead if the security guard had better training. That’s baloney.

Anybody who goes into a bank with the intention of robbing it deserves whatever happens to him. If more bank robbers got shot dead, we’d have fewer bank robberies. It’s that simple.

Dolores Ace, Mount Horeb

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