MIAMI (AP) _ A man who won a $24 million lawsuit after he was run over three times by a 53-ton truck in a logging accident said he wants nothing but ''the very best'' and spent $7,000 on footwear.

Joe Dan Dwyer, 53, a former commercial helicopter pilot who has been operated on numerous times since the 1974 accident in Oregon left him temporarily paralyzed, won the $24 million settlement in 1979.

Dwyer, who is confined to Palmetto General Hospital until he undergoes surgery to correct a bladder problem next week, had his feet measured in the hospital by a Mexican shoemaker before ordering the shoes.

He paid $1,150 for ostrich-skin boots, $900 for a pair of soft elephant- skin shoes, $924 for hippopotamus-skin loafers and $2,400 for alligator- skin boots. In less than an hour, he had spent about $7,000 on footwear.

''I wanted the very best,'' Dwyer said. ''I wanted the Rolls-Royce of footwear.''