Scheer previews upcoming session

January 4, 2019

LINCOLN - Nebraska lawmakers are about to convene for their 90-day session next week.

Senator Jim Scheer of Norfolk tells News Talk WJAG the main issue on the docket is a new biennium budget.

Scheer says the state revenue has been below projections the past couple of months and at the end of the day lawmakers will have to decide on reducing expenditures or raising tax revenues.

He says the state’s cash reserves have also fallen below his liking.

“We have had a reserve that was at about $750 million. It’s now down to I believe to $325 or $330 million. So we’ve gone through over $450 million in reserves. Right now we’re barley at what I would consider minimum reserves because the state’s money doesn’t come in a twelfth every month so we can fund things.”

Scheer adds he’s informed his colleagues that he will seek reelection to Speaker, which will take place on day one of the session.

Nebraska’s 106th Legislature begins Wednesday.

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