BOSTON (AP) _ Rep. Joseph P. Kennedy II dismissed speculation today that he might run for governor after all.

``I don't see any circumstances under which that would happen,'' said Kennedy. ``I'm back in the race for the Congress of the United States.''

Kennedy, 45, had been considered a promising contender for the governor's office until he dropped out of the race last summer.

A scandal surrounding allegations that his brother Michael had an affair with a teen-age baby sitter was one of the factors that affected his decision. Some political observers speculated that Michael Kennedy's death in a New Year's Eve skiing accident in Colorado might prompt Joseph Kennedy to change his mind.

But the congressman squelched that speculation this morning.

``Obviously, I have a keen interest in the issues that affect the people of my district and this state but I have no plans or any notions of getting back into the governor's race,'' he said.

Asked if he might consider a run the next time, he said, ``I've gotten to the point where I don't look much beyond the next several months.''

Recent events had given him an indication of ``just how tenuous life is,'' he said.

``I don't think making plans for what you're going to be doing four or five years from now makes any difference anyway,'' he said.

In the running for governor are acting Gov. Paul Cellucci and Treasurer Joe Malone, both Republicans, as well as two Democrats, Attorney General Scott Harshbarger and former state Sen. Patricia McGovern.

Cellucci became acting governor last year when Gov. William F. Weld, a moderate Republican, was nominated by President Clinton to be ambassador to Mexico. Opposition from conservative Sen. Jesse Helms eventually led Weld to withdraw that nomination.