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Teens Accused of Leaving Elderly Woman To Die in Field

November 21, 1996

BRIGHTON, Colo. (AP) _ A 76-year-old widow known as ``Granny Honey″ begged for her life as her teen-age abductors weighted her down with a spare tire and left her to die in a field, court documents said.

The body of Barbara Castor was found Tuesday night in a pasture about 40 miles east of Denver. Authorities were awaiting autopsy results to determine her cause of death.

Castor gave a ride to Antonio Farrell, 17, and Kevin Blankenship, 16, from a Kmart parking lot in Brighton on Friday night, prosecutors said. One of the teens put a BB gun to her neck before she was put in the trunk and the car was driven to the field.

``They placed wood and a spare tire on the `old lady,‴ court affidavits said. ``Blankenship stated the `old lady’ was begging them not to do this.″

Castor was left there. Temperatures dropped to 10 degrees Friday night and snow fell.

The teens, both of Rockford, Ill., will be charged with first-degree murder, kidnapping, aggravated robbery, burglary, robbery of the elderly and conspiracy, District Attorney Bob Grant said Wednesday.

If convicted, they face up to life in prison. They are not eligible for the death penalty because they are under 18.

After leaving Castor, prosecutors say, the youths rifled through her purse, learned her home address and drove her car there. They spent the next three days ransacking the home, stealing jewelry and cash, authorities said.

Investigators credited some of their knowledge to Tim Maldonado, the 18-year-old brother of Farrell’s girlfriend. He was arrested Sunday on an unrelated warrant after police found him in a car outside Castor’s home.

Maldonado told the Rocky Mountain News that he had been inside Castor’s home, shooting pool with Farrell, drinking soft drinks from the refrigerator and watching television. He said he asked Farrell who owned the house and car and where the owner was.

``They said they took the lady,″ Maldonado said. ``I really don’t know what they did to her. They said they drove about two hours out of town in a big circle.″

Maldonado said he was told the woman was left in a field somewhere.

``I asked, `Is she dead?′ and they said, `No, she’s not dead. We just left her in a field,‴ he said.

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