Reedsburg artist to present work at International Crane Foundation

August 8, 2018
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Reedsburg artist Janet Flynn describes one of the pieces titled "Promenade." She will present her artwork and host a workshop August 11 at the International Crane Foundation.

Reedsburg artist Janet Flynn has always been curious and felt a connection to nature, especially with cranes.

That curiosity began when she was young, growing up on a farm in Eau Claire where there were “lots of natural areas to explore,” she said. That love of nature combined with a passion for the arts and painting is a way of expressing herself to let people know she values nature, she said.

She quickly realized the “natural gem” of the area after she moved to Baraboo in the 1980s drawing a fascination from the sandhill cranes she was seeing around the area — something she had never seen before. The size and graceful movements of the birds created a desire to learn more about them so she joined the International Crane Foundation. In addition, she is a part of several other conservation groups around the state.

“I love the work they are doing and think so much of those people there,” Flynn said of the International Crane Foundation. “They are actually my heroes. Anybody in conversation I think is my hero.”

She takes the opportunity to study and show in her paintings the livelihood of the cranes from her home, located right along the Baraboo River. But some of Flynn’s artwork also captures some of the challenges faced with conservation of nature.

“They are not popular subjects to talk about but they are a large issue and nature needs our help,” she said. “Nature needs everybody’s focus.”

She will present her work from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. August 11 at the International Crane Foundation at E11376 Shady Lane Road in Baraboo, as a part of the Cranes and Cultures Art Series. According to a news release on the International Crane Foundation’s website, Flynn’s program is the fifth in the series of complimentary monthly workshops led by local and regional artists. One of Flynn’s paintings she will present August 11 is one titled “Promenade” a piece that portrays cranes dancing with joy in the sun shine-a characteristic she described as a charming aspect of the birds.

Another piece she will present is to portray the process of her painting, why she portrays nature in her artwork and connect her story together through that one piece of art. While she is waiting until the day of her presentation to reveal more details of this “very personal piece,” she did give a glimpse into what it will depict.

“People frequently ask me how long did that take you?,’” she said. “’I’d much rather they ask me ‘Why did you paint that?’ and ‘How did you do it?’”

International Crane Foundation Gift Shop Manager and Manager for the Cranes and Culture Art Series Rose Boyajian said Flynn’s work shows the close connection she has with nature.

“She really is involved with nature with earth and conservation and that shows through her art,” Boyajian said. “Her connection, her thoughts (and) her work portrays her love of the Mother Earth.”

In addition, Flynn will host a water color and graphite sketching workshop. The event is free to the public. More information on the Cranes and Culture Art Series can be found at savingcranes.org.

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