DETROIT (AP) _ Two alligators made a getaway from a zoo by slithering through underwater steel nets sectioning off a canal that runs through their pen, and one of them remained on the loose Monday.

''We thought it was secure, but apparently not secure enough,'' said Khadejah Shelby, acting director of Belle Isle Zoo.

The alligators, both about 4 1/2 -foot-long, escaped last week. One was caught after a few hours by zoo officials armed with rope, netting and duct tape.

''She was floating right on the top,'' said Keith Coakley, 33, who tends the island's athletic grounds and helped capture the alligator.

A zookeeper waded into the muddy canal behind the alligator, guiding it toward land. When it crawled from the water, net-wielding keepers pounced.

The other alligator has eluded officials, who are confident a third alligator in the exhibit, a 7-footer, is too large to squeeze through the netting.