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Columbus churches and ministries exceed goals in “Walk to Jerusalem” program

TELEGRAM STAFF The Columbus TelegramMay 24, 2019

In an effort to encourage physical activity in the community, the Platte County Lifestyle Coalition (PCLC) offered the evidence-based “Walk to Jerusalem” program from Jan. 27 to April 21 and had much success.

The program was implemented by the community’s faith-based organizations and there was no cost to participate.

The Walk to Jerusalem program is an intergenerational, imaginary walk beginning in the town where the church is located and ending in Jerusalem, Israel. The intent of the walk is threefold: to encourage physical activity, to grow spiritually and to learn about the geographic locations reached along the way.

Nine Columbus churches and Youth & Families for Christ were involved, with a total participation of 1,053 people.

For 12 weeks, each church/ministry and their parishioners worked together to log miles (or mile equivalents for children or those with limited mobility).

At the end of the walk, the participating churches and Youth & Families for Christ had walked more than 219,000 miles. The distance between Columbus, Nebraska and Jerusalem, Israel is about 7,500 miles, so the walkers had completed roughly 29 round trips from Columbus to Jerusalem.

In the future, the PCLC plans to continue providing opportunities like the Walk to Jerusalem program to encourage community members to increase their physical activity, eat healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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