FREDERICK, Md. (AP) _ An unemployed truck driver was convicted Thursday of selling his infant son to the boy's former foster parents for $100 and a used car.

A Frederick County jury rejected Kenneth M. Vogelpohl's argument that he and his girlfriend, an unemployed waitress, only wanted a better life for their 15-month-old child and a fresh start for themselves.

Vogelpohl, 38, faces up to 10 years in prison and $20,000 in fines for selling the child and conspiracy. Sentencing was scheduled for July 8, five days before the boy's mother, Julie Anne Pilafian, stands trial on identical charges.

Vogelpohl and Ms. Pilafian, 40, were charged with selling their son, Kenneth, to William and Cheryl Gordon last November. The child, now 21 months old, is with the Gordons pending their adoption request.

The Gordons wouldn't comment until Ms. Pilafian is tried.

The Gordons raised the boy in their Hagerstown home for nearly the first year of his life after his parents temporarily lost custody due to their alcohol addiction. The boy was returned to his parents last summer.

Vogelpohl, who says he has had three strokes and back surgery, testified Wednesday that he and his girlfriend decided in November the Gordons were better parents. He said they offered to let the Gordons adopt the boy and they asked for money and a car because they wanted to move away and make a new start.

The Gordons called the police. On Nov. 26, the day before Thanksgiving, police witnessed the exchange of the child for $100 _ a down payment on a $5,000 fee _ and the Gordons' 1991 Plymouth sedan, valued at $8,000.

``We were trying to give him a better life. Yes, I took money. To relocate. I wanted to get as far away from him as possible,'' Vogelpohl testified.