Don’t forget to take out all dead plant material in your garden

October 3, 2018

NORFOLK - With Fall here and Winter fast approaching don’t forget to clean out your garden of all the dead plant materials.

Extension Educator for Madison, Pierce, and Antelope counties Wayne Ohnesorg says it’s not good to leave the dead plant material in your garden all winter long.

“Disease issues can be on that plant material and leaving it in the garden until next year does provide a source for some of those diseases to get started. Also, when we leave a lot of leaf litter and plant debris in our gardens it provides and excellent place for squash bugs.”

Ohnesorg says squash bugs are harmful because they affect the flow of water and nutrients to plants which can cause wilting as well as yellow and brown spots.

He says once you do get your garden waste together there are a couple of ways to get rid of it.

You can compost it, get a burn permit and burn it, or haul it to your local landfill.

For more information visit Extension.Unl.Edu.

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