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FDA Warns Against Mail-Order ‘Immunization Kits’

November 16, 1989

WASHINGTON (AP) _ The Food and Drug Administration is warning that some mail-order ″immunization kits″ claiming to protect children from diseases such as polio and measles contain only sugar pills and solutions of alcohol and water.

″These kits and pills offer no protection,″ FDA Commissioner Frank Young said Wednesday.

The FDA advised parents who used the kits, marketed by an Idaho company, to have their children immunized as soon as possible.

The kits were discovered last month during a search by the Idaho State Attorney General’s Office at the office, laboratory and health food store of J.S. Inc. of Twin Falls, Idaho, and the E.F. Skilling Co. of Buhl, Idaho, a device manufacturer.

J.S. Inc. is the distribution company of James D. Solomon, the FDA said.

Solomon, who was arrested on Idaho state charges, says he is a ″naturopath,′ ′ the FDA said. Naturopathy is a method of treating diseases with food and exercise to assist the natural healing process.

Distribution records indicated kits were sent to naturopaths, parents and regional distributors in Florida, Kansas, Ohio, South Carolina, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

--- Petitions Filed to Allow Competition in Local Telephone Access Services

WASHINGTON (AP) - Metropolitan Fiber Systems Inc. is asking the Justice Department and Federal Communications Commission to allow alternative telecommunications carriers to compete for local telephone access services.

The regional Bell and other operating companies provide local phone access for all long-distance carriers. Nearly 50 cents of every dollar spent on long- distance services goes to the Bell companies for access fees, totaling about $20 billion a year.

Anthony J. Pompliano, president of MFS, based in the Chicago suburb of Oakbrook Terrace, Ill., said Wednesday his company was asking the Justice Department ″to enforce the Modified Final Judgment to require that local access ... be ‘unbundled’ to the fullest extent possible to permit fair and equitable competition.″

Also, he said, ″we are asking the FCC to mandate that alternative local telecommunications carriers can cost-effectively interconnect″ and locate equipment at Bell facilities.

″That means MFS and similar alternative carriers can install their equipment in Bell-owned switch sites and hook up to the user community via the Bell network,″ Pompliano said.

A. Gray Collins, Bell Atlantic senior vice president for external affairs, said MFS was ″free to use Bell Atlantic’s services any way it wants, and it is free to connect its own network with Bell Atlantic’s.″

″Metropolitan Fiber, however, is demanding more than this. It is demanding collocation, which is, in effect, the ability to set up their shop in our store. Bell Atlantic has no legal obligation to do this, but it has agreed to meet a number of Metropolitan’s requests,″ Collins said.

--- Bush Commends El Salvador’s President

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush is expressing solidarity with the president of El Salvador in the face of a fierce guerrilla attack that has left upwards of 500 people dead and more than 1,000 wounded.

White House press secretary Marlin Fitzwater said Bush called President Alfredo Cristiani on Wednesday to commend him for the efforts of the Salvadoran armed forces ″to avoid causing casualties to the civilian population.″

Bush also pledged the United States would continue to speak out about Cuban and Nicaraguan support for the guerrillas, ″which flies in the face″ of regional peace accords, Fitzwater said.

The 4-day-old guerrilla offensive appeared stalled as government troops drove the rebels from working-class neighborhoods in fierce combat.

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